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Re: <meta> tags and their practical use

From: Anthony <Merlin@uneedspeed.net>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:19:17 -0700
Message-ID: <000c01c2aad1$55bcd280$08217918@webmaster>
To: <www-html@w3.org>
> Besides, the situations where an author needs to tune HTTP cache 
> control tend to involve either server-side scripting or high-demand 

<< That's probably when they *need* to, but most people who *want* to,
do so to frustrate caching as much as possible, often including
<meta ...pragma...no-cache>, which is actually meaningless, from a
standards point of view, because it is only defined in the client to
server direction, but works with popular browsers!  Most authors have
no idea that about half of HTTP 1.1 is about efficient use of resources
through caching, but simply want to frustrate it. >>

Is there a way to stop a service providers own cache server from caching a web site, who's hosting server is outside of the ISP's LAN, using META tags? I work for Cablevision of Flagstaff, Arizona. Our Administrators are having difficulty configuring the cache server to work with the no-cache META tags I've placed on various pages for individual clients. I'm not interested in stopping a browser from caching a page; but in stopping the cache server from caching the site.

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