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RE: Different colour list points

From: Christian Wolfgang Hujer <Christian.Hujer@itcqis.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 20:15:46 +0200
To: "Nathan Rodgers - Web Publishing Australia" <rodgersn@wpa.com.au>, <www-html@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000601c15800$e888ac80$9a8f9b3e@andromeda>

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> I worked it out you have to put the <font> tag in front of the <li> tag.
no, you must not!
The font element is deprecated in favour of style sheets.
And writing <ol><font><li></li></font><font><li></li></font></ol> is not
allowed anyway. Use the validator to check wether your documents are
well-formed and valid.

Putting the li element inside a font element might work in some browsers.
But I promise, it won't work for all or just most, it will only work in one
or two browsers. It is no good style to use the font element.
Here's a list of browsers used, in no special order: IE 6, IE 5.5, IE 5, IE
4.5, IE 4, IE 3, Nav 6.1, Nav 6, Nav 4.x, Nav 3, Mozilla, Opera 5.x, Opera
4.x, Opera 3.x, Voyager (Amiga), Voyager (QNX), iBrowse, AWeb, Lynx, w3m,
Konqueror... Next to them there are even more rarly used or older ones:
Amaya, Mosaic, Arena, Chimera, Arachne, IE 2, Nav 2, HotJava, JEditorPane...

I suggest before you assume that something like <li color="..."/> exists,
you should have a look at the recommendations. (rtfm ;)

> Thanks anyway.
No problem, you're welcome.

Currently, there's no official way for coloring the bullets of a list.
Something like
<ul class="color">
  <li class="color"><span class="item">Item 1</span></li>
  <li class="color"><span class="item">Item 2</span></li>

.color {
.item {

in your style sheet might give what you desire in several browsers and in a
conforming way, but for a real solution you'll probably have to wait for CSS
3 to become a Recommendation and to be used in browsers.
For the meanwhile, I suggest you prefer the solution provided above, since
it is conformant, over the font-workaround.



> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Nathan Rodgers - Web Publishing Australia" <rodgersn@wpa.com.au>
> To: <www-html@w3.org>
> Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 10:22 AM
> Subject: Different colour list points
> How do I change the colour of the points in a list.
> e.g.
> <ol>
>     <li color="white">fsd</li>
> </ol>
> That is how I would assume it would work, but it does not seem to. Does
> anyone have any idea's?
> Regards,
> Nathan
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