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RE: Microsoft Lover (was Re: "Two Marquee messages on the same li ne")

From: Amar Kumar Padhi <TS2017@emirates.com>
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 16:05:05 +0400
Message-ID: <6BA9AD458D94D51199BC00508BBD07543AE3BD@dxbafex1.hq.emirates.com>
To: www-html@w3.org
Thankyou Christian.


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Subject: RE: Microsoft Lover (was Re: "Two Marquee messages on the same
li ne")

Hello Amar,

as David already said:
> > [...] Microsoft's MARQUEE tag deserves to die. [...]
> [Amar:]
> I still would like to know if my question could be resolved in HTML only.
though asked a second time, the answer still is *no*.

You stumbled across something called Marquee, which is a proprietary
Microsoft element and doesn't work in nearly all other browsers (and there
are about 100 different browsers around there, take a look at
http://browserwatch.internet.com/ or similar sites).

I don't let anyone force me to use a certain browser. If a page doesn't work
with the browser I currently use, I simple leave the site. What else could
be the intention of the designer? "This site is optimized for Internet
Explorer 800x600" means "fuck off" to anyone else. So I just leave.
Bugs in browsers might also avoid proper display, but that's another topic,
and I know when it's the page or my browser who has bugs.

Back to your problem. It can be solved using:
- HTML, CSS, DOM and ECMAScript, creating a declaration with HTML and CSS in
combination with creating a programmatic animation using ECMAScript, CSS and
- SVG, which is capable of declarative animation
- Flash, which is no W3 recommendation and which I therefore dislike as much
as I dislike <marquee/>
- other solutions which I don't know.

As the name HTML says: HTML is a markup language for hypertexts. No
animation. HTML has been raped by the advertising industry, Netscape (blink,
layers, several attributes), Microsoft (marquee, several attributes,
integration of vml, which is no standard) and several vendors of HTML
editors like NetObjects (Fusion's fixed layout, invisible graphics pixel

Many people often forget that HTML is meant to be completely device
independant. There may be a small PDA wanting to display your content in
160x200 pixel resolution. There are be blind people that use speech browsers
to surf the web. There are freaks using exotic devices like Amigas, BeBoxes,
Ataris, Acorns etc. to surf the web.
As long as the common denominator is supported, no one should be required to
support certain technologies like Cookies, ECMAScript etc..

Currently, the common denominator is HTML, so ECMAScript, DOM, CSS, SVG,
SMIL, MathML etc. and GIF, JPEG, PNG might be used as long as you use them
wisely and keep in mind that people might have devices that only support

So as long as you don't know HTML, CSS, DOM and ECMAScript or SVG, anyone
might give you some peace of source code, but I am sure, when you adopt it
to your page, you won't be able to execute the adoption that keeps your page
"clean" and compatible.



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Amar Kumar Padhi
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Subject: RE: Microsoft Lover (was Re: "Two Marquee messages on the same li

you may be 15 and working in HTML, XHTML, XML etc. Good to know that and I
appreciate your talent.
I have been working on Oracle technologies and just stared on the web side.
So stupid as it may sound to you, may not do so to others. I believe the
grown up issue should be addressed by you more than me. Sorry if I sound
rude, but then you need to be more considerate to the newbees rather than
boasting your talent and cutting them off. It will take some time for me to
get to the latest technologies and you should appreciate my efforts.

Now getting over that, thanks for the information you provided. I still
would like to know if my question could be resolved in HTML only. If you
guys out there consider this to be "off-topic", I will take this offline.

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From: David Bindel [mailto:chaosdb@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2001 9:06 AM
To: www-html@w3.org
Subject: Microsoft Lover (was Re: "Two Marquee messages on the same

Summary: Microsoft's MARQUEE tag deserves to die.
That was a very stupid (in other W3C-official words, "off-topic") question.
W3C's HTML Working
Group has moved past the browser war conflicts and developed new markup
standards for use on the
web, and <MARQUEE>, <BLINK>, <LAYER>, and a few others didn't make the much
needed cut.  Sorry if
I sound rude, but you need to grow up.  I'm only 15 and I even use valid
XHTML 1.1 and CSS and am
learning XML.  This isn't the 90's anymore.
Thanks for listening,
David Bindel (chaosdb@yahoo.com)
--- Amar Kumar Padhi <TS2017@emirates.com> wrote:
> Is it possible to create Marquees that start from the left and the right
> side of the same line, crossing over each other as they pass through?
> something like this:
>   amar -->                              <-- amar
> rgds
> amar
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