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RE: suggestion: althref for <a> in the spirit of 'alt for <img>'

From: Peter Foti (PeterF) <PeterF@SystolicNetworks.com>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 11:11:45 -0400
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To: "'www-html@w3.org'" <www-html@w3.org>


Just wanted to point out that the <noscript> tag typically accompanies a
<script> tag.  Therefore, if you wish to handle the lnyx case, maybe
something like this would work (don't forget to surround your script
with HTML comments):

<script type="text/javascript">
function _win(url)
	window.open( url, 'PreviewWin',
// -->

Click the following button
<script type="text/javascript">
	document.write("<a href='javascript:_win(\"link1.html\")'>");
	document.write("<img src='button.gif' alt='button'><\/a>");
// -->

<a href="link1.html"><img src="button.gif" alt="button"></a>

This should solve your problem, although it's quite a bit of work for a
single link.  :)
Note that DJW's solution is much shorter and easier to implement.  I
just wanted to show you a solution using <noscript>.  :D

Peter Foti

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> Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 2:33 PM
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> Subject: suggestion: althref for <a> in the spirit of 'alt for <img>'
> Hello,
> I've been thinking about how to make pages with lots of  hrefs to 
> 'javascript:......'
> accesible via browsers not supporting Java script (such as Lynx). At 
> first <noscript>
> appeared to solve the problem. I tried the following with Lynx 2.8.x
> <script language="javascript">
> function _win( url) 
> {
>   window.open( url, 'PreviewWin',
>   'width=700,height=500,resizable=yes,scrollbars+=yes,status=1');
> }
> </script>
> Click the following button 
> <a href='javascript:_win("link1.html")'>
> <img src="button.gif" alt="button"></a>
> <noscript><a href="link1.html"><img src="button.gif" alt="button"></a>
> </noscript>
> A problem with this is that Lynx displays *both* links and 
> it's natural
> that it should do because there's no way for Lynx to figure out
> the first link should be ignored. 
> I thought that it'd be nice if there's a kind of alt-attribute
> equivalent for <a>. That is, something like the following would
> be nice:
> <a href="javascript:_win('link1.html',abc, def)" althref="link1.html">
> Link1</a>
> Therefore,I searched for
> HTML 3 and HTML 4 specs if some sort of alt tag is allowed
> as an attribute for <a>. It turned out not. Then, I searched 
> for www-html
> archive if anybody has suggested it. I hit upon a suggestion
> made in January 1998, but its purpose is different than mine.
> It was suggested to address the problem of inaccessible (due to
> URL changes and other reasons) pages and slow connections. My
> proposal is to support text-mode browsers (and other browsers
> not supporting some of features available in graphic browsers)
> without removing those features for users of browsers supporting
> them (e.g. java script)
> My search of www-html was not so extensive and this may have been
> discussed already, in which case I apologize for duplication
> and I would like you to point me to where I could find the previous
> proposal.
> Thank you for your kind consideration of my proposal,
> Jungshik Shin
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