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Entity Redeclaration in Module Implementation as a DTD

From: <kjc777@nca.or.kr>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 22:28:41 +0900
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To: "w3c" <www-html@w3.org>, "w3c member" <w3c-html-wg@w3.org>
I have two questions;


I want to know where "NS.prefixed" and "NS.decl.attrib" were defined.


As you say, Section 4.2 (Entity Declarations) of the XML Recommendation [1] says:
"If the same entity is declared more than once, the first declaration encountered is binding".

I want to know if the next example does not have any problem in redeclaration.

It shows an example of using a different XML namespace prefix in a document instance. 
As you know, the initial value of parameter entity for prefix was set to "inventory" 
in the case of prefixed mode.

<!DOCTYPE i:shelf SYSTEM "inventory-1.dtd" [
    <!ENTITY % Inventory.prefixed "INCLUDE">
    <!ENTITY % Inventory.prefix "i">
<i:shelf xmlns:i="http://www.example.com/xmlns/inventory">
          this is a description.
          this is the price.
          this is the price.

Hope your comments,

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