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RE: client side includes

From: Murray Macdonald <murray@mha.ca>
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 01:10:46 -0800
Message-ID: <D00C91AAE6F2D311BAE1005004D16880380FC3@camel.mha.ca>
To: "'Daniel Hiester'" <alatus@earthlink.net>, www-html <www-html@w3.org>
Daniel Hiester [mailto:alatus@earthlink.net] Wrote:
Geez! What makes you think that 30 csi files is not that unrealistic? I've
kept my ssi calls down to less than 5 all of the time! I usually pull it out
in only 3 ssi calls. I cannot imagine a realistic application of CSI taking
that many files! I could see maybe 10 tops, which would take two

Murray Writes:
Dear Daniel,  I think you might be confused about what constitutes a Client Side Included file.  My quick review of the http://cnn.com homepage revealed approx. 36 unique client side included files.  (A few javascript files, a few style sheets, and many images).  This is _not_ that uncommon a page.

Daniel Hiester [mailto:alatus@earthlink.net] Wrote:
But if you want to complain about how much longer it would take to load...
just don't. I've said it before: Currently, in the big two, if there is a
table (which there ALWAYS is), which sets the layout of the page, then the
page will not be displayed until the final </table> is recieved. Now, while
the UA is loading the hypertext in one connection, it's loading images in
the other four. On a modem (or on my modem, at least), it usually
successfully loads more than one image per http connection, before it
finally loads enough hypertext to get that final </table> tag, and finally
display all of these graphics it's loaded. How would CSI files be
signifficantly different from that, if future UA's are designed to load all
markup BEFORE loading images or other binary files?

Murray Writes:
Most html pages are under 15k while images can easily be larger than that.  Also the HTML file must be partially received before the first image request is even dipatched, let alone responed to.  Given these facts, I find your above comment about the other four connection successfully loading more than one image before the remaineder of the html file arriving a little hard to accept.  Also, it is misleading and incorrect to say that the "final </table> must be received before the page is displayed.  Although this is true for poorly designed pages that are formatted within a single uber table, many well designed pages are presented using multiple parent tables and the fact is that each of the tables displays when they receive their </table> tags well before the "last </table>" in a page is received.  Give it a try.


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