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Re: How do I make my tbody scroll?

From: Shawn Urban <shurban@telusplanet.net>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 15:41:37 -0700
Message-ID: <002a01c17ddd$ffbff860$0300a8c0@mshome.net>
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I've tried several methods to get my tbody to scroll, from frames to
javascripts. The frames work, but I also want to tag each row in my table so
external pages can link to them. The idea is to get the link to the correct
row with the thead (and everything above it) still in sight. I also placed
the table legend in the tbody so it can be seen with thead when I link to it
from any entry in thead. I'm willing to abandon the scrolling tbody if
anyone knows how to dynamically change the default URL in a frame so an
external link can display everything correctly.

Thanks for all your responses, Shawn


Hi Christian,

I tried your body, table id=pagecontainer, tbody class=pctd and div
id=maincontainer styles, but they didn't do anything. Actually, changing the
height specified in #maincontainer from 100% to a value creates a space of
that value above my table. I had the same problem with iframe where the
iframe, placed within tbody in my source code, appeared above thead. Iframe
creates a scrolling unit, but the width of the columns are altered despite
my use of COL width= in both the iframe code and the main document code. In
addition, iframe insists on creating a horizontal bar which I don't like.
[The iframe was suggested by Jesse McCarthy (mccarthy36@earthlink.net).
Thanks, Jesse.]

I do have Mozilla (v4), but I upgraded to MSIE 6. I guess the bug, if any,
persists. I'll check the MSIE page next to see if there is a patch to this
bug. I'll also look at the CSS recommendation again as you suggested.

So, it was a good try and I thank you very much for your advice. I'll keep
at it. The overflow style seems very promising.

Thanks, Shawn

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> From: "Christian Wolfgang Hujer" <Christian.Hujer@itcqis.com>
> To: "Shawn Urban" <shurban@telusplanet.net>; <www-html@w3.org>
> Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 4:14 AM
> Subject: RE: How do I make my tbody scroll?
> you might take a look at the source code of http://www.hujer.com/.
> But be warned:
> * Mozilla currently has a bug regarding the total layout size when
> overflow:scroll or overflow:auto are used.
> * Internet Explorer has a bug in its Box model, so IE requires a
> seperate stylesheet to workaround this bug.
> You might also take a look at the CSS recommendation, which
> shows a sample stylesheet for layout a page with four divisions that
> look like frames but aren't.
> Greetings
> Christian Hujer

 in response to:

> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm stuck! Your HTML 4.01 specifications say TBODY can be
> > scrolled between a fixed THEAD and TFOOT. Great! Just what
> > I want to do. But where is the information that explains HOW to
> > actually scroll TBODY?
> >
> > Thanks, Shawn

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