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Re: Yahoo holding up progress...

From: Ethan J. Sudman <EthanSudman@home.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 15:11:35 -0500
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To: <www-html@w3.org>
I'm bycotting Yahoo now anyway (well, my web site is registered with their
search engine - they're my top referer!)... they were selling pornography!
So many people complained that they stopped, but, even so, I don't want to
support a company that does inmoral things like that in any way.

- Ethan Sudman

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From: "Peter Foti (PeterF)" <PeterF@SystolicNetworks.com>
To: <www-html@w3.org>
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 9:32 AM
Subject: Yahoo holding up progress...

> I received an email from Yahoo/Geocities which actually suggested using
> HTML tables for page layout.  They even brag about their "HTML Table
> Maker".  I think it's a damn shame when the web authoring community is
> trying to move away from tables for page layout, and yet a company as
> big as Yahoo is promoting this bad web design.  Perhaps someone at the
> W3 could send an informative letter to Yahoo?  Just a thought.
> Anyway, here's some of the text that they sent (not sure how well it
> will cut and paste):
> Tables are a handy way to help you lay out web pages. They're
> grids that you create with HTML, in order to put pictures, words, and
> colors exactly where you want them.
> One of the best things about tables is their flexibility. A
> table can stretch across the page, or it can force the page into a
> certain size. It's up to you.
> Yahoo! GeoCities HTML Table Maker is a great way to get started
> with tables. It allows you to create tables without any complicated HTML
> coding. Simply input your table attributes (color, size...), click "Show
> HTML" and copy and paste it into your web page. That's it. HTML Table
> Maker can be accessed in the Advanced HTML Editor
> <http://us.geocities.yahoo.com/filemanager/advancededitor>.
> Peter Foti
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