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Re: XHTML 1.1 / ALL -lang?

From: Eric Richardson <eric@milagrosoft.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 11:32:01 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <39C5FE5E.9D08DEC9@milagrosoft.com>
To: Masayasu Ishikawa <mimasa@w3.org>
Cc: www-html@w3.org
Hi Masayasu,

Thank-you very much.

I see that the XML 1.0 spec paragraph 2.12 specifies the xml:lang
attribute. Then the XHTML 1.0 spec suggests in appendix C.7 to use both
lang and xml:lang. This is nice
since HTML 4.0 compilant user agents use lang making it backward
compatible and the xml:lang is forward compatible to XML/XHTML 1.1.

Currently, I can use XHTML 1.0 strict which is the closest you can get
to XHTML 1.1 that most browsers can understand and render. Seems like
it'll be a long time before user agents will catch up so we can use
XHTML 1.1 and other namespaces like MathML. At least for the general
public's browser. Is there some way that this situation will get better?
There is huge inertia against this upgrading including web designers and
people's browsers. Will the web fragment more before it gets better?

Anyway, I'm on board for XHTML 1.0/CSS so I hope others will join as
well. You have to sacrifice a bit but you get true XML/CSS to the public
web. Hope AOL browser works as well as IE4/NS4 since I don't have access
to AOL.

Eric :-)

Masayasu Ishikawa wrote:
> Eric Richardson <eric@milagrosoft.com> wrote:
> > I was looking at the 1.1 working draft and found this strange. I didn't
> > see any mention of it in the archives.
> See the following message:
>   From: Masayasu Ishikawa <mimasa@w3.org>
>   Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 12:51:16 +0900
>   Subject: Removal of the lang attribute (was Re: Status of Iframe in XHTML 1.1)
>   cf. http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-html/2000Jan/0065
> > http://web3.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/changes.html#a_changes
> >
> > Is this saying there is no more attribute lang?
> >
> > If so what is the mechanism to mix languages in an xhtml1.1 page?
> Use xml:lang.
> Regards,
> --
> Masayasu Ishikawa / mimasa@w3.org
> W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
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