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Tar Browsing

From: its me <dan1mal@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2000 22:39:53 PST
To: www-html@w3.org
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Hello everybody I just join the list over the weekend and would like to 
contribute an idea.  I hope this isn't redundant.

This was pre-written:

To potentially increase the speed of web browsing I propose the use of 
archives to streamline downloading.  Many websites are graphics intensive 
now and to speed up dowloading of these graphics archive should be used.  
Now since of the many archive formats availible I propose that we should 
limit the type of archives to Tape Archives, or .tar's as they're commonly 

This opens a bag of tricks such as implementation and will web authors 
actually use this.  Now I would hope that ultimately you could dowload a web 
page with it's tar and the tar would have the pictures and java or any other 
feasible media included with the html.  For now it should be limited to 
pictures only, to poll use and feasability.

Now this would be implemented by adding an attribute to the "<img>" tag and 
having the browser support the tar file format in some fashion.  This new 
attribute will be called "archive" and will point to the archvive and the 
file name inside the archive. For example:

<img archive="template.tar file-in-template.jpeg>

That is the archive SPACE file in the archive.

I do hope this promotes thought along these lines and move to use in other 
objects.  This idea is meant to streamline the loading process by reducing 
server requests.  Also this is not meant to replace the scr attribute 
because it is an effort to reduce the amount of files to download and file 
specific to a page will always be needed.

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