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From: <Roy.Gardiner@natwest.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 15:12:27 -0000
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>> As for frames, you can deprecate them, hide them under your bed, put them
away in
>> the closet, or bury them in the end zone with Jimmy Hoffa, and I'll tell
you what
>> -- people are still going to use them. Maybe not everyone, but there is
still a
>> use for them.

>True enough; I have indeed seen frames used well.  Not often, granted, but
>> Now, I think we can all agree that we've seen a misuse of frames.
However, I am
>> currently involved with one major media company and a start-up, and I
have seen a
>> genuine use for being able to affect one section of a page but not the
others, and
>> the best way to do that now is frames.

>Again, true enough - at the moment.

Some sites have complicated parts, largely static (e.g. the navigation
bars). It drives me nuts when they slowly rebuild the whole page every time
because they don't use frames, and if they waste too much of my time I
leave. Is there another way or ways of keeping part of the page unrefreshed
that does not use frames? If not, what's wrong with frames? We are saving
our readers' time.

Roy Gardiner
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