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re: Re: microsoft browsers

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Date: 02 Jan 00 23:17:37 -0500
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> >I might have confused the meaning of my question in the last mail, I was
> >referring about use, for example, IE3, IE4 and IE5 in same partition.
> Try changing the names of the executables. For Excel, you could have,
> say excel4.exe and excel5.exe, and then could run both at once. They
> used separate .INI files, though.
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> This is waaaay off-topic for this list (sorry to contribute to the chaos!)
> but MSIE has been pretty much a component of the operating system, quite
> unlike almost any other application available. I'm pretty sure that's a
> fairly accurate statement. IE3 did some OS integration (depends on your
> opinion of "integrated," like having a system folder on the desktop for IE)
> but IE4 was when they really, really integrated the application into the
> shell. By my knowledge, there'd be know way to do what you want to do...
> sorry. I kinda wish it could be easier myself.

For the record, when you install IE5 over IE4, you do have the option of keeping IE4 
around in "compatibility mode" - so that it is possible to have both of those versions 
installed simultaneously.  The only way I've heard of to include IE3 in that mix is to 
do something like downloading IE3 (16-bit), sacrificing a chicken or two, and 
installing it into a different directory...but I can't confirm that.

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