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The Future Is Now

From: Neil Gulati <ngulati@scu.edu.au>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 18:28:11 +1000 (EST)
Message-Id: <199910250828.SAA31285@cyclops.scu.edu.au>
To: www-html@w3.org
This is a one-time posting. I don't intend to start a thread,
as I believe it would be off-topic to continue this in a discussion.
May I request any replies to limit themselves to a private posting.
Reply-To: ngulati@scu.edu.au

I was prompted to make this request by the recent change of subject
from "Acronyms and Abbreviations" to "The Future of HTML".

I believe current functionality is restricted un-necessarily by the
legacy of standards and systems we are forced to adhere to.
The growing popularity of Linux is a good example of the sort of
growth and improvement that can occur when limiting systems are
(eventually) side-stepped.

I would like to see the work done by HTML (et. al.) authors set
free from the limitations of HTML (et. al.) and of HTTP itself.
I believe a step away from current systems (to be developed
concurrently with contemporary efforts) is justified if the
improvements are large enough.

I have a design mission that encompasses operating systems, file
systems, network services, communications protocols, and API
functionality. I am looking for expertise in all these areas, but
I especially need to research the HTML/web/presentation areas in
order to extend the design all the way to the top, and to ensure
the relevance and adaptability of the system in order to give it
the best chance of being adopted and eventually becoming popular.

The current design incorporates some radical features
("Who ever heard of a plane without a propellor? It's called a JET!")
but to my mind the most radical and most important aspect of the
design is that it makes no attempt to conform to current systems,
*where that would restrict functionality*. The system will be open

I would like to invite discussion from subscribers of this list
to assist me in understanding the needs of authors and to
gain a picture of the future needs of the www, in order to be able
to design-in functionality that will be useful in the future.

Whereas *any* initial input is welcomed, I would like to anticipate
an outcome where an independent discussion list addresses issues
in a practical manner, leading to an implementation project group.
Please send expressions of interest to ngulati@scu.edu.au.

Anil <ngulati@scu.edu.au>
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