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Re: Implementation Query: <MAP> with mixed <AREA> <A> !?

From: Pavel Nejedly <pnejedly@gvid.cz>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 17:00:20 +0200
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <19991024170020.A8221@eniac.gvid.cz>
Sat, Oct 23, 1999 ve 01:55:18AM +0100 Ian Hickson wrote:

# The following is valid XHTML:

According to the DTDs it's not:

#    <p><img src="x" alt="text" usemap="#map" /></p>
#    <map id="map">
#       <p><a href="#a" shape="rect" coords="10,10,20,20">A</a></p>
#       <area href="#b" shape="rect" coords="30,30,40,40">B</area>

area element is empty. There is attribute "alt" instead.

#    </map>

# But, assuming images are disabled or the UA does not support images,
# how should the above be rendered?
# With the content model of MAP in HTML4 this was not an issue, since in
# that case AREAs and other content could not be mixed in MAP elements.
# Previously, if the MAP contained only AREA elements then the AREA elements
# would be turned into a menu and would replace the IMG altogether, and if
# the MAP contained mix content then the IMG would be replaced by its alt
# text, made inert, and the MAP would be renderered inline where it appeared
# in the document.

4.01 spec is really unclear about that.
According to the above logic (and also the logic of html 4.0x)you should 
both render the MAP and show the menu of AREAs. I think you should add a
menu entry for a link to the rendered MAP.

kind regards,

  Pavel Nejedly
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