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Date: 30 Nov 99 09:28:06 -0500
To: MaheshKT <MaheshKT@cisindia.com>, www-html@w3.org
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>               I have a problem in using layers( in HTML)
> when i try to hide a layer behind a layer it is possible , 
> but when i have some controls like button\textbox etc on the layer
> behind(hidden) ,
> only the controls are still visible..

This is a fairly well-known Navigator bug, and as far as I know, it hasn't been fixed even 
in v4.7.  I'm not sure if IE handles it properly or not; I seem to recall "not".

> i want to make sure that along with other stuff even the controls are
> hidden.
> how can i achive this ?

Short form: right now, you can't.  You might be able to hack around it by dynamically 
assigning a CSS "display: none;" style to each control element (or maybe even to just the 
containing box), but that's about all I can come up with.

> i am using <LAYER > tag in netscape 4.05

Why not go full-throttle and use CSS positioning via JavaScript?  A little tweaking, and 
you can make you pages work in IE, as well as in Netscape....

Rev. Bob's Occasional Tip for the Day: If you're going to stick a "best viewed with" 
blurb on your site, why pester the people that are already using that browser?  Chances 
are that you're doing some browser detection anyway; why not set the blurb up to only 
come up if the user's on a different browser?

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