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Re: CSS Query

From: Inanis Brooke <alatus@earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 15:38:19 -0800
Message-ID: <004401be383b$aa0f2de0$ac2eb3d1@alatus>
To: "w3c html" <www-html@w3.org>
|chris vandebrooke wrote:
|> I didn't think Netscape supported CSS at all?
|> There is no current version of Netscape, that supports CSS to my
|> which in my opinion is completely rediculous.
|> The capabilities of css, and dhtml scripting, is amazing.
|> Netscape, is so far behind, I don't know if they will ever catch up.
|Yes it does.  Netscape 4 and 4.5 support CSS I believe.  However, there
|are a few features that it does not support, such as the :hover

Netscape 4+ supports SOME CSS, and IE3+ supports SOME CSS. Unfortunately, to
my knowledge, there are no browsers at all which support ALL of CSS2. It's
been an official recommendation for six months now, but the browser
developers haven't even mastered CSS1 yet. What's worse, the same CSS code
can produce dramatically different results on different client apps... IE
and NS measue row heights differently, so when you tell a paragraph to have
a special margin height, you get something looking completely different on
the two browsers.
From what I've found, the IE5b2 supports the most CSS. I haven't found much
different between that and IE4, which also had fairly strong CSS support,
but there's probably a lot of CSS I haven't seen.
For more info, and to see CSS in action, go to http://www.w3.org/Style
Unless someone knows a complete list of features supported by different
browsers, the only way to know how much CSS each browser supports is to
write some of your own and view it in each browser.
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