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announcing InSTIL-ICARE

From: James Salsman <james@bovik.org>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 01:02:54 -0500 (EST)
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To: edu-standards-friends@bovik.org
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The Integrating Speech Technology in (Language) Learning SIG -- 
is pleased to announce the InSTIL Committee to Advance Rhetorical 
Education (ICARE.)  The new Committee will focus on advocacy and 
fund-raising in support of advancing the state of the art in 
computer-assisted speech education, the mission of the SIG.  We 
have volunteers from around the world, but we need more, and are 
starting now.

Over the next month, and beyond, we have agreed to write open 
letters to the officers of high-profile speech technology companies 
encouraging them to take the best steps to advance the state of the 
art, and to raise funds to pay for useful speech corpora for 
distribution to the SIG membership.  

As the founding member of the Committee within the SIG, I invite you 
personally join the SIG so that you may share in the benefits, and 
volunteer and/or pledge if possible to help the ICARE committee in 
its work.  You may join the SIG through any of these three groups:

CALICO -- the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium:

EUROCALL -- the European Computer-Aided Language Learning association:

ISCA -- the International Speech Communication Association:

James Salsman <james@bovik.org> -- http://www.bovik.org
Please help InSTIL advance spoken education -- http://dbs.tay.ac.uk/instil
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