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Re: Security Features in Outlook Express

From: Iain Wilkie Logan <iainlogan@enterprise.net>
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 12:06:08 +0100 (BST)
To: "Mr. X" <bakody@jayapura.wasantara.net.id>
cc: www-html@w3.org, outlkxpr@microsoft.com
Message-ID: <Marcel-1.46-0805110608-b49krWe@iainlogan.enterprise.net>
On Thu 05 Aug, Mr. X wrote:

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[Massive quote from MS OE team snipped]

Ahem, I don't think this message really falls within the scope of this
mailing list. However, for your information:


A problem has arisen which can be traced to the 'default settings' of
'Microsoft Outlook Express, which results in non-compliant messages being
sent on the Internet. This can often lead to complaints, particularly from
subscribers to non-binary newsgroups and mailing lists, who object to
receiving HTML-encoded attachments.

Rather than be a complaint, this message is intended to help you configure
your email software in order to enable you to obtain the best productivity
from your computer.

Please follow these instructions so that future emails you send will be
Internet compliant.

Configuring Outlook Express correctly:

1. Load Outlook Express

2. Click on the 'Tools' option on the menu bar and select 'Options...'

   This will open the options control window.

3. Click on the 'Send' tag at the top.

4. Under the "Mail sending format", ensure that the 'Plain Text' option is
   ticked, by clicking on it if needed.

5. Click on the 'Settings' box to the right of this option.

6. Ensure that the option "Encode text using" box is set to 'None' and click

7. Repeat steps 4-6 for the "News sending format".

8. Ensure that the 'Include message in reply' option is  turned OFF - ie. no
   tick - by clicking on it if required.

9. Click 'OK' to activate your new settings.

Outlook Express should now be set up correctly.

Thank you.


Perhaps the MS OE team would kindly take note of and rectify this problem by
making the above settings its default. It is a major cause of unnecessary
bandwidth consumption, and causes embarrassment to countless new and innocent
Usenauts who find themselves being flamed the moment they 'dip their toes
into the water', not to mention the annoyance of those of us on metered
billing who have to pay to receive it.


All the best,



Iain Logan, Langholm, Dumfriesshire - Chartered Transport Consultant
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