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Re: <font></font>

From: (wrong string) én <cyner@home.se>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 18:27:33 +0200
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To: www-html@w3.org
>How many browsers support the
>greek and math character entities
>(which are in the HTML 4 specs)?

IE4 does, but not NN4. BUT, you can use <SPAN> and CSS to accomplish the
exact effect as with <FONT> (to show greek characters).

<SPAN style="font-family: Symbol">p</SPAN>

The above makes both IE and NN show the 'pi' character (from the font Symbol).

>For the most part, as far as I know,
>we must still rely on the font tag
>to produce these.

Nope. Html 4 makes it totally deprecated. Get a good book on the topic,
will you?

Christian Davén
Received on Wednesday, 28 April 1999 12:41:32 UTC

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