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HTML default stylesheet? +IE5 vs tidy

From: Xavier Plantefeve <XavePlant@iName.Com>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 21:27:07 -0100
Message-Id: <>
To: www-html@w3.org
Cc: www-style@w3.org

Haya all,

  The very first cross-posting in my life, but it belongs to both
XML & Stylesheets (btw, if I missed a XML list at w3.org, please point
it out to me)

  My question #1: I started to experiment with XML in IE5, playing with
the idea of an nearly-html file without any layout default. But then i
wondered: I remember reading somewhere about a default .CSS being written
to emulate the classic HTML behaviour by the way of a StyleSheet, has
anybody got news of it? Can anybody point me to the actual URI of such a
file if it exists?

  The second one (more related to XML than CSS, sorry guys, joys of
crossposting)): I spent a few hours today in XML readings & tests, &
altough the basic of XML are very simple, there are things I still do
not quite understand, esspecially the namespaces, still a black hole
for me but, if I understood well:

  if i type 
<element xmlns="http://akindofnamespace">
  <some><more><elements> data </elements></more></some>

all elements depend of 'akindofnamespace', right? And if i type:

<element xmlns:foo="http://akindofnamespace">
  <some><foo:more><elements> data </elements></foo:more></some>
then the namespace applies only to <more>, but i was unable to
applies the first, more generic method in IE5, it looks like the
only way to reproduce the HTML behaviour in it would be a file like:

<html xmlns:html="http://dontchange">
  <html:title>looks crap, is'nt it?</html:title>
  <html:p>awful, definitely!</html:p>

I can't seriously use such a thing!

I stupidely forgot to write down the results I had today at the
office, and I've got no IE5 here (my own PC hardly stands Lynx!),
but please, it would really be of a *great* help for me if a
really tought html-writer could precisely explain me what I need
to modify to a (even simple: head, title, body & one p) single xhtml
file, as formatted by tidy (recent versions) to be understood by IE5
if given to this one as file.xml

  Yep, because tidy uses the generic xmlns="" whereas IE5 seems to
need that damn'd xmlns:something to operate. And, errr... I don't 
know why, but i'm more confident in Tidy's compliance to standards
that in IE's one! :)

  Please help me to understand what I missed.

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