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RE: non tiling backgrounds

From: Scroggins, Erick (SSgt) ~U <ScroggiE@stratcom.af.mil>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 13:07:57 -0500
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Add the "bgproperties="fixed" to the body statement.  I don't know if
this works on all browsers though.


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>At 9:54a -0700 10/05/98, dreamwvr wrote:
>>  does anyone know or remember how to force the backgrounds to
>>do a non tiling effect without loading a enormous image? It has
>>been so long i can's seem to remember how to do anything but
>>tile background images...
>I don't believe HTML supports this, although CSS might (I don't
>know offhand; you'll have to look it up).
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>Hehe. Hopefully the "unices" will be revved for a longer integer...
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