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Re: Simple! Just say True or False.

From: Eric A. Meyer <emeyer@sr71.lit.cwru.edu>
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 10:05:25 -0400 (EDT)
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To: www-html@w3.org
>		Incidentally, you've opened me to a few new
>		terms I have'nt cared to consider earlier.
>		2.	I don't understand what this non-CSS
>			*compliant* and non-CSS *supporting*
>			funda is. Could you give me exmpls.

   I'll give you my take on the distinction; if Stephanos meant something
else, he can provide his views.
   Non-CSS-supporting browsers are those which don't understand CSS at all:
Netscape 3 or earlier and Explorer 2 or earlier, for example.  Also Mosaic,
older versions of Emacs-W3, etc., etc.  Since these browsers don't
understand CSS at all, they will ignore CSS rules and simply display the
HTML.  So long as you've used correct HTML, your page's content will
display well enough to be read, although not necessarily in as pretty a
fashion as you might have hoped.
   Non-CSS-compliant browsers are those which understand some CSS, but are
missing parts or get parts wrong.  This would describe pretty much all the
current browsers, because they don't implement all of CSS1 (let alone
CSS2).   Note that I haven't tested Navigator 5 or Opera yet, so they may
be exceptions to my assertion.  In these cases, you might set up a
completely legal stylesheet, but have a browser mangle the document's
display because it doesn't understand some of your styles.  An example is
using positioning and then trying to display the document in Navigator 4 or
Explorer 4.  The odds are very high that the page will not display as you
expected, because positioning isn't well supported by those browsers.

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