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RE: Are IMG height/width deprecated? Why not?

From: David Norris <kg9ae@geocities.com>
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 19:30:13 -0500
To: <www-html@w3.org>
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From: Ian Hickson [mailto:exxieh@bath.ac.uk]
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 12:50 PM
To: David Norris; www-html@w3.org
Subject: Re: Are IMG height/width deprecated? Why not?

>David Norris wrote:
>>and width should be.  They are for specifying what the height and width
>>are, thus part of the description of the image.  Such as alt, etc.
>[huge snip of very readable prose]
>Unfortunately, you're wrong :-)
>The HTML4 spec changed this,

You're right, I must not have looked at IMG since the final rec.  I was
correct a few months ago, though.  Who's idea was this?  All specs up to the
final, including HTML 3.2, indicate that height and width are the suggested
dimensions, as in simply a description, not scaled.  I certainly agree that
they should not be an override.  They are important for describing the image
to someone that can't see it, for instance.  This is rather odd and
borderline irresponsible.  A few paragraphs above the IMG element it states
that all visual formatting attributes for Object and Img have been dropped
from the DTD, yet they define one a few lines down.  Huh?

If we get right down to it; use of IMG is everything but discouraged in the
specs.  The specs suggest quite often that use of OBJECT is a better way to
include an image.  I tend to agree.  IMG is a bit limiting.  OBJECT allows
for better replacement when images aren't available to the user.

,David Norris

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