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Re: crashes always: HTML 4.0 (more)

From: nir dagan <dagan@upf.es>
Date: Tue May 12 11:51:58 1998
Message-Id: <199805121544.RAA01125@sahara.upf.es>
To: jkorpela@cc.hut.fi
Cc: www-html@w3.org
I actually think that it is very sensible at times 
to use A without any attribute.

One writes a stylesheet

a.toc {font-family: sans-serif}

but a title of a linked resource
is long, so one makes only a part of it an active link.
In this case I would even like to nest the Anchor's:

<A>This is a long title with only <A href="foo.html">three linked 

Since nesting is invalid I'll write:

<A>This is a long title with only</A> <A href="foo.html">three
linked words</A>

Nir Dagan.

(does my page crash too?)

> On Tue, 12 May 1998, Henryk Gajewski wrote:
> >   http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40/intro/sgmltut.html
> > which crashes always on my side.
> It passes validation, but running Weblint on it reveals that there
> are some A elements with start tags "<a>". Those elements, with
> some context around, are:
>  <h2><a name="h-3.1">3.1</a> <a>Introduction to SGML</a></h2>
>  <h2><a name="h-3.2">3.2</a> <a>SGML constructs used in HTML</a></h2>
> Although "<a>" formally conforms to the DTD (I assume one cannot express
> rules like "this element must have either attribute X or attribute Y or
> both" in SGML), it's probably a mistake, since it makes little sense
> semantically - and some browsers might be unprepared to handle it.
> Yucca, http://www.hut.fi/u/jkorpela/ or http://yucca.hut.fi/yucca.html
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