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The date/time is a very interesting point.  I find many people having
trouble with it.  I think we just need to get past our vain affection with
making the date unique to our language and location.  We have a standard
format, that is both machine and human readable.  Why not use it?  If the
date is important enough to need to be understood, then format it using the
standard implementation.  Otherwise, do what you will with it.  I think that
in dealing with the rest of the world, we need to change our perspective a
bit.  We don't need to create complex markup for something as basic as the
date.  We just need to all agree to use one format, (Gasp!) UTC time even.

The alias sounds like it could be useful.  But, most people probably won't
understand it.  Then you have old UAs that won't  understand it.  Sounds
like it could become more of a hassle than a convenience.

,David Norris

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