Re: Frames spec & the NOFRAMES tag

Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor (
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 11:10:48 -0500 (EST)

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 11:10:48 -0500 (EST)
From: "Russell Steven Shawn O'Connor" <>
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Subject: Re: Frames spec & the NOFRAMES tag

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, nir dagan wrote:

> Currently one can refer to the noframes alternative from the frameset and
> vice versa using LINK:
> <LINK rel="alternate" media="tty,speech,print" href="noframe.html">
> This is incomplete since browsers of the media type "screen" may be 
> configured to display or not display frames. A possible solution would be 
> to define media types depending on configuration, e.g.:
> <LINK rel="alternate" media="noframes" href="noframe.html">

I believe 

<LINK rel=alternate media=screen title="No Frames" href=noframe.html>

would be better.

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