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From: *Nicholas Owens* <knumb@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 09:22:05 PDT
Message-ID: <19980608162205.17926.qmail@hotmail.com>
To: www-html@w3.org
recently i've gotten in the habit of aligning in image in tables.  but 
not merely aligning one image.  breaking an image apart in paintshop and 
aligning the pieces using table presentation.  it's often done e.g. 
websitegarage.com, and come with many advantages.  don't respond if 
you're going to bitch about table usage or multiple attribute control.  
just talk to me about what attributes are multi-accessible and what are 
not.  i do realize i could run bobby.  get real, bobby is so whacked out 
it's hard for any one to believe anything he says.  e.g. works:  table 
summary, width, align; td width, nowrap, align, colspan, rowspan; 
doesn't work: table height, valign; td height, valign.  obviously i'm 
looking for support across multiple browsers.  or i am interested in any 
other way you might suggest of doing it.  i hate drawing up a atable in 
netscape only to find out it doesn't register in the nearest of 
neighbors, explorer.  please, no css answers. 

   "the meanings of words cannot be found in themselves but,
     rather in who said them."             Nicholas Owens


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