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RE: DOM language independence?

From: Walter Ian Kaye <walter@natural-innovations.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 09:57:00 -0700
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To: <www-html@w3.org>
At 10:10a -0700 07/15/98, David Norris wrote:
>Having the words concatenated into a single string, for most
>programming/scripting languages, is necessary or at least good practice.  I
>know that there are many scripting languages that allow spaces, hyphens,
>underscores, etc in the naming conventions, but, a standardized naming
>convention shouldn't hurt.

For variable/identifier names, I agree. As for object hierarchies and
properties, that's entirely different (and VERY language dependent).

>Obviously, Applescript won't be rewritten to
>suit these requirements(suggestions?).  But, Applescript is a rather odd
>language when compared to many other scripting languages.

Hehe, well most languages are odd compared to other languages. I think
COBOL is rather odd, and Perl -- well that is like Martian. :-)
Funny how "way cool" and "productivity" can be described as "odd"...

>Pseudo-natural language scripts do not seem too common in today's world.

That is sad. You'd think with all the talk of voice recognition... :)
I may as well also mention that HyperCard 3.0 is planned to be built on
top of QTML (QuickTime Media Layer), and as such will become a cross-
platform product, whose programming language is HyperTalk. I have a
feeling we'll then see lots of Web apps programmed in HT. ;)

>I would imagine
>that they are a nightmare for a script parser to understand, as well.
>Humans and CPUs often don't think alike.

How nice, then, that Apple has already accomplished the hard part, as
we've had these parsers around for several years. They actually work!

 * AppleScript on MacOS
 * Perl on Unix
 * MS Excel "XLM" on MacOS & Windows (my first pgm lang, 10 years ago)
 * WordBasic on Windows & MacOS
 * FoxPro Xbase/dBASE on MacOS, Windows, & DOS
 * ProTERM "DIRC" on MacOS
 * dabbled in Pascal five years ago
 Macro programs
 * KeyQuencer and QuicKeys on MacOS
 * DOS batch files
...and whoknowswhatelseanymoreitsallablurnow
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