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SOTA Meting

From: Frank Boumphrey <bckman@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 01:49:59 -0400
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I thought that this announcement may be of interest to this list
SOTA (the Society of Typographic Aficionados) would like to let you know
about the following developments regarding TypeCon '98 (Oct 30 - Nov 1,
Westborough Marriott in Westborough, Ma.):
1) In addition to Principal Speaker Matthew Carter, we now have 15 other
program participants, and expect to be adding many more in the coming
2) A preliminary list of program topics (both panels and
lectures/presentations) is now available on our website. Not all of the
panels will make the "final cut", but taken together they should give you a
good idea of the kind of discussions we're going to be having.
3) Thanks to the folks at UNION Type Supply, we can now accept American
Express, Visa, and Mastercard for conference registration fees ($45 until
7/18/98, $55 thereafter and at the door). You can now register online
through a secure form, or send email to sota@tjup.truman.edu with your card
information (name, card type and number, address, expiration date), or mail
check (payable to Society of Typographic Aficionados) or card info to SOTA
at P.O. Box 673, Mansfield, Ma. 02048-0673.
4) During the conference, our venue (the Westborough Marriott) is offering
discounted TypeCon room rates of $68 (single/double) plus 9.7% tax. These
rates are available by calling the hotel *directly* (not through the chain
800#) at 508/366-5511 and mentioning TypeCon.
5) Exhibitors in "The Foundry" (our vendor area) now include UNION Type
Supply, P22 Font Foundry, Veatch Arts of the Book, Astigmatic One Eye Font
Foundry, Michael Borden Bookseller, and Sooy Type Foundry. We expect an
exciting selection of unique vendors you may not see elsewhere!
6) If you can't make it this year but would still like to support our work,
Supporting Memberships in TypeCon '98 are available for $15. These entitle
you to all of the conference publications (two Progress Reports, Program
Guide, and Souvenir Book), and are convertible to Attending Memberships by
paying the difference at the rate then in effect.
7) See our website (http://tjup.truman.edu/sota) for all the latest details,
or ask us any questions you might have at sota@tjup.truman.edu.
TypeCon is designed to be a friendly, intimate, affordable weekend for a few
hundred type lovers of all sorts (type and graphic designers, large and
small publishers, people who want to make their business and personal
documents look better, and aficionados of typography and the bookmaking
arts). Join us!

Frank Boumphrey
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