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Re: Page break in html table

From: Frank Boumphrey <bckman@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 17:13:30 -0400
To: "Katonica, Jason" <Jason.Katonica@ogs.state.ny.us>, "'Rasmus Kaj'" <kaj@interbizz.se>
Cc: <www-html@w3.org>
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Unfortunatley the page-break properties are not yet supported in either of the major browsers. I havn't tried it in IE5 yet though, or looked at the Mozilla code.


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    From: Katonica, Jason <Jason.Katonica@ogs.state.ny.us>
    To: 'Rasmus Kaj' <kaj@interbizz.se>
    Cc: 'www-html@w3.org' <www-html@w3.org>
    Date: Wednesday, July 08, 1998 1:39 PM
    Subject: RE: Page break in html table
    Thanks for your reply though I couldn't get the style sheet to work. even with the ways you suggested it still will break a cell and print part of the cell on one page and the other on the next if the text wraps to more then one line.  Do you know if the style sheet properties work when printing in IE4.0? they seemed to only work with formating output to the screen (ie: colors, fonts).  I couldn't get the ss to change page setup properties either (ie: print landscape). if you have any ideas about this please let me know.
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        From:   Rasmus Kaj [SMTP:kaj@interbizz.se] 
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        To:     Katonica, Jason 
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        Subject:        Re: Page break in html table 
        >>>>> "KJ" == Katonica, Jason <Jason.Katonica@ogs.state.ny.us> writes: 
         KJ> I was wondering if anyone knows how to insert a page break into a 
         KJ> HTML table so that i can control what the print out of a table on 
         KJ> my web site looks like.  I want the table to be one continuous 
         KJ> table when viewed from the web browser (IE4) but i want to 
         KJ> control what parts get printed on seperate pages.  Maybe the 
         KJ> solution is to use a hidden character?  The main problem is that 
         KJ> when my table is printed it will page break in the middle of a 
         KJ> line of text.  Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in 
         KJ> advance. 
        If you just want to avoid page-breaking 'in' table cells (i.e. put all 
        page breaks between table rows), you should include this in your 
        TR { page-break-inside: avoid; } 
        If you want to keep a number of rows together, put them in a colgroup 
        and applyt the style to COLGROUP instead of TR. Example: 
        <style type="text/css"> 
        COLGROUP { page-break-inside: avoid; } 
            <tr> ... header line(s) 
            <tr> ... line 1 
            <tr> ... line 2 
            <tr> ... line 3 
            <tr> ... line 4 
        Here, line 1 and 2 should be kept on one page, and line 3 + 4 on one 
        page. If there is a page break before line 3, the header line should 
        be repeated on the new page. 
        Note, however, that this is only how I think it should work (after 
        reading (parts of) the current HTML and CSS recomendations), I'm not 
        sure if there are a browser (or postscript generator) that confirms to 
        this yet (I am about to start writing such a postscript generator, if 
        I don't happen to stumble accross one instead, anyone on this list 
        interested in taking part of this open-source, 'free' project?). 
        // Rasmus 
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