Re: LINK TYPE=override/type

Neil St.Laurent (
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 13:26:30 -0600

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From: "Neil St.Laurent" <>
To: (Ian Graham)
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 13:26:30 -0600
Subject: Re: LINK TYPE=override/type

> the author/webmaster. The Apache server does something like this with their 
> format-negotiation mechanism: yhour create a generic map  file that
> defines the properties of all the available variants of a resource. This
> could be generalized to do what is needed here..

As long as the author has some way of providing the Content Type then 
I have no problem with the HTTP header being taken as correctly.  And 
I do indeed prefer to see exisitng naming structures maintained.
Character set is important since currently there is no standard file 
extension to indicate a Unicode encoding...

I may have to look at Apache to see how it does its resolution and 
may suggest to the server developers I know to adopt soemthing 
similar.  But a standard in this respect would be great! 
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