Re: <plaintext> tag obsolete? I think not! (fwd)

James R Grinter (
9 Jan 1998 17:40:32 -0000

Date: 9 Jan 1998 17:40:32 -0000
Message-ID: <>
From: "James R Grinter" <>
Subject: Re: <plaintext> tag obsolete?  I think not! (fwd)

On Fri 9 Jan, 1998, Chris Maden <> wrote:
>[Jamie Gerdes]
>> Can anyone please explain to me WHY the <plaintext> tag has been
>> forgotten?!?!
>Because its intended behavior can not be made legal.  Plaintext (and
>xmp and listing) intend to allow *any* markup except their own end-tag
>as data.

and another great reason for browsers to avoid it - all the submission
forms out there that accept HTML markup, yet don't remove PLAINTEXT