Re: Java Script is messing up.

Brian Medendorp (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 09:58:54 -0700 (MST)

Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 09:58:54 -0700 (MST)
From: Brian Medendorp <>
To: Vidyut Luther <>
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Subject: Re: Java Script is messing up.

	I'm not sure if this is causing your problem, but the &quot; and
using the actuall numerical index value, may be causeing at leat some
problems. Also IE 3.0 does not do a very good job with javascript and has
peoblems witht the rollovers anyway. Try using this code instead:


<!-- hide script

//image preload
        mainu = new Image();
        mainu.src = "images/main.gif";
        mainh = new Image();
        mainh.src = "images/main-h.jpg";
        broadcasth = new Image();
        broadcasth.src = "images/broadcast-h.jpg";
        coolh = new Image();
        coolh.src = "images/cool-h.jpg";
        coolc = new Image();
        friendsh = new Image();
        friendsh.src = "images/friends-h.jpg";
        searchh = new Image();
        searchh.src = "images/search-h.jpg";
        mailh = new Image();
        mailh.src = "images/mail-h.jpg";

//MouseOver Function
function LightUp(ImageX,Text) {
   document[ImageX].src = "images/" + ImageX + "-h.jpg";
        window.status = Text
//MouseOut Function
function DimDown(ImageX) {
   document[ImageX].src = "images/" + ImageX + ".gif";
//End JS Script hide-->


if you wish to see this code in action go to:

                                         - [3rian  :)

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On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Vidyut Luther wrote:

> Hi, 
>  My question is regarding JavaScript and it's compatibility with browsers.
> I am working on a web page, and this is my first attempt at javascript,
> I'm attempting to do mouse overs, but i've been getting some wierd errors,
> when the page is viewed by different browsers.
> I designed the page using communicator 4.03 as the preview browser and
> notepad as the editor. anyway here is the source for the javascript and
> then i'll try and explain what it's supposed to do, and what the error
> messages are.
> <HTML>
> <HEAD>
> <SCRIPT language="javascript">
> function buttonSwap(idx, newImage)
> {document.images[idx].src = newImage;}
> <TITLE> Doc Online </TITLE>
> <BODY >
> <TR>
> <td  colspan=2><CENTER>
> <A HREF="news/index.html" onMouseOver="buttonSwap(1,&quot;newsbot.gif&quot;)" onMouseOut="buttonSwap(1, &quot;newsup.gif&quot;)">
> <IMG SRC="newsup.gif" BORDER=0></A></CENTER>
> </TD></TR>
> </TABLE>
> </BODY>
> </HTML>
> if you see the code, you'll realize that it's a simple onmouseover, and
> onmouse out function.  it works great in communicator 4.03. But when i
> tried to view it using IE 3.01, i got a javascript error, it said
> something about image can't be used as an array, and the same thing using
> netscape 2.02.  
> But, when it's viewed through netscape 3.0, the whole page loads up fine
> and dandy, but once the mouse goes over any of the images on the table,
> another image is loaded up, but not right over the old image, it seems the
> new image is loaded a few pixels over the original image.  I can't figure
> out why this is happening. can anyone help ?
> to see the whole page and it's whole cde point your browsers at
> any help on this would be greatly apreciated
> Vidyut Luther