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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 98 16:48:02 +0100
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>i am trying to establish exactly what you ment re your html email. 
>Could you try and be more specific.

I have two nested frame definitions. The first "art1f.htm" defines two 

<frameset cols="130,*">
     <frame name="left" src="nieuws/logonavi.htm" frameborder="no"
noresize marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling="off">
     <frame name="right" src="art2f.htm" frameborder="no"

The logonavi frame contains the navbar, "art2f.htm" is itself a frame 

frameset cols="*,155"  bordercolor="#FFFFFF">
	<frame name="middle" src="agenda/article.htm" frameborder="no" noresize>
	<frame name="contents" src="agenda/contents.HTM" frameborder="no" 
MARGINHEIGHT=0 noresize>

The contents.htm is positioned on the right. In it is a list of articles. 
One can choose one.
In this way I created a 3 collumn structure. On the left navbar for 
navigation through the
 site, in the middle a data field, on the right a contents field, with 
the contents of the
 different parts of the site.

Check it out at and go to "nieuws" or "Agenda". Or 
for the
 englishspeaking community it is easier to go directly to
to see a working example. The names I use for the frame deffinitions are 
slightly different,
 but I translated them from Dutch.

 Normally I choose to place an article in the "middle" frame. Lets say <a 
 target="middle">link text</a> But, when the article contains big photo's 
I choose to place
 it in the parent frame (in this case the "right" frame from the first 
framedefinition). The
 syntax would be <a href="article.htm" target="_parent">link text</a>

This works fine in my N2 and N3 (as well as in MSIE). But not in N4.04 on 
the mac. Somehow 
it reads the target="_parent" as a target="_top": It uses the whole page 
to display the
 article. It doesn't use a new page (which happens when one misspells the 
word "_parent" or
 when one uses capitals, or when one uses "_blank") 

I don't know if it has got something to do with the N version I got, or 
with the fact that
 I'm a mac user (ppc). I've got the impression that one has to name the 
specific target, but
 I'm not sure. 



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