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RE: src attribute for tabel cells

From: Braden N. McDaniel <braden@shadow.net>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 21:23:40 -0500
To: "W3C HTML Mailing List" <www-html@w3.org>, "Ben Badgley" <badge_one@hotmail.com>
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> From: Ben Badgley [mailto:badge_one@hotmail.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 1998 7:28 PM
> To: braden@endoframe.com
> Subject: RE: src attribute for tabel cells

> Braden, it is the layout and is not the layout we are after.
> Think about a two celled that has one cell the left side for navigation.
> the links on this side must load the contents of the right hand side
> cell. Yes, the obj is supportted but as to how well this implements into
> Netscape is of concearn. It would also help the Lynx users as well to
> not to have to use javascript or to use an object. Also, does the fact
> that only MSIE only supporting the Object call mean that we must code to
> a standard core code that is buggy at best? netscape can handle the
> Object i realize yet to do so you need get into advanced databinding via
> java. the problem here is not everyone can afford to get a certificate
> to this binding.

I don't see how this proposal helps Lynx or Netscape users in the slightest.
What leads you to believe that this hypothetical TD/SRC would enjoy better
support than OBJECT/IFRAME?

Of course, you can join the club in wishing they (OBJECT and IFRAME) were
implemented across all popular browsers yesterday. But they aren't. And I
don't see how wishing for an as-yet-undefined less flexible hack is going to
contribute to establishing the functionality you desire in popular browsers.

The functionality you're looking for has already been specified. As long as
implementations are lacking, the implementors are who you should be
complaining to--not to the specification machinery to redundantly concoct
more specs for the implementors to catch up to correctly implementing.

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