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Re: src attribute for tabel cells

From: Ben Badgley <badge_one@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 19:41:22 -0500
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>From: Gordon Worley <redbird@orlando.crosswinds.net>
>Subject: Re: src attribute for tabel cells
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>Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>>Ever hear of Server-Side Includes? :-)
>>CNET's sites all use SSIs (content management by Vignette, IIRC).
>	yes.  B->
>>Just remember they impose a certain load on the server.
>	This is part of the reason I am in favor of a "src" attribute for
>the <td> element.  By removing this work load from the server, pages
can be
>downloaded and rendered faster by UAs.  Also, this allows developers
>may not have access to such services as server-side databases to design
>medium to large sized Web sites that have a consistant L&F without
hours of
>building pages using templets.
>Red Bird Island Productions
>Gordon Worley
I still agree with Gordon on this topic as there are valid points to
consider. Number one I've looked into setting up an Apache 1.3...SSI is
just a tad bit scary Walt. The serv load comes from redundant calls to
multiple children. Nothing wrong with that par say yet we are all very
aware of Larry Wall HTTP brand hacks. I'm not saying that this issue
could be easily restricted via access.conf. yet Gordon has a point.
People like myself, the budding webmaster A)
can not afford a server set up either finanacally or otherwise.
B) end up due to reason using "free" web hosts to practice on.
C)Realize most of these "free" web hosts are just that...
D) end up trying to afford a $15-$20 a month virtual server yet again
foiled by someone else's sysadmin...
E) are left feeling as though to do things correctly they want their
"Own" server...
Et al we are stuck in this cycle that teaches me something.
I can not afford a server, so I host on a server that I can not control.
Very well then, I try using SSI or even PERL to spruce up my
homepage/working resume and am unable to.
In the end I feel the src should be a part of the TD element. This would
allow we the budding webmasters room for growth in that we could
actually perhaps get "real" jobs making pages. Then we can afford our
By the way, I am trying hard along w/ my fiance to set up a web design
service.(shamless plug)
That aside however I feel it is a valid enough issue that should be
proposed for consideration of future standards.

(The webmaster whom once forgot KISS, now wanting to KISS)

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P.S. from Gordon:  I've noticed that a lot of people keep replying to
messages, but sending them only to the person that sent the message being
replied to.  **You must send your messages to the _list_ as well.**  I know
that Eudora only wants to reply to the message writer, so I keep replacing
that field with the list address.  Just wanted to make everyone aware.
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