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CSS Browsers

From: Xavier Plantefeve <XavePlant@iName.Com>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 08:19:58 -0100
Message-Id: <>
To: <www-html@w3.org>

  I'm not living in the futur anymore: I use Style Sheets on my
site, and I was explaining to people that I use a HTML point of
view rather than a browser point of view, as such I was using
totally unsupported CSS elements, waiting for the future.

  The futur is here: the new 3.50 Opera recognized my p:first-letter

  I wanted to know if one here has try the future NetScape 5?
Is there any improvements in CSS handling? I was more than disapointed
to discover that IE5b has (seemingly) only a very few enhancements
on that point (in fact, the browser engine seems to be (not exactly
but nearly) the same).

  On the NetScape 4.* case: I nearly put that kind of thing in all
of my tags:
   .pre: {...} then <PRE class=.pre>...</PRE> rather than the
   pre: {...} then <PRE>...</PRE> that was nearly unsup.

  Something else: I wonder if there is any chance that this bug can be
corrected in NetScape 5: in 4, relatives images' URIs are resolved
upon the .html's URI, where I think they should be on the .css's one.

  A last thing: I had a quick look but was unable to find it: in HTML 4,
is <IMG Src=foo.jpg ...> correct? Or is <IMG Src="foo.jpg" ...> the only
correct manner?

  Thanks for any help,


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