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Re: LINK Element Confusion

From: Frank Boumphrey <bckman@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 23:27:34 -0400
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To: <drbojxn@netdoor.com>
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>Frank, Mr. Yee's letter can be found at:
>Find in Page:
>Link source/destination confusion

I have now read the letter. I agree that the description is confusing, but I
believe the meaning, even if written in a confusing manner is clear.

I have three documents, index.htm, documentA.htm and documentB.htm which
form a 'set' of documents and are related as follows using 'node'

 index is the index document for documentA, and documentB. i.e in node
theory, documentA and documentB are 'children' of index.

documentA and documentB are siblings.

documentA and documentB have index as their parent.

( there is no REL value for 'sibling','parent' or 'child', I agree that
'parent', 'sibling' and 'child' would be great values for REL and REV to

However these relationships can be described by REL and REV as follows.
Remember REV just describes how the document refered to in HREF considers it
self to be related to the linking resource(i.e the source document that
contains the LINK element).

index contains LINK elements as follows:

<LINK REL="section" HREF="documentA.htm">
<LINK REL="section" HREF="documentB.htm">
<LINK REV="index" HREF="documentA.htm">
<LINK REL="index" HREF="documentB.htm">

both documentA and documentB contain LINK elements as follows:

<LINK REL="index" HREF="index.htm">
<LINK REV="section" HREF="index.htm">

An intelligent agent searching the document set can easily buid up a tree of
the document relationships.

As mentioned in previous mail the LINK element is neither used by authors,
or supported by browsers. However I think the IE5 DOM will allow us to use
script to identify these relationships.

For this reason I think I will start putting LINK information in my
documents and I would encourage other authors to do the same.


Frank Boumphrey

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