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Naming documents/frames

From: Nicholas Sydenham <nsydenham@dera.gov.uk>
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 17:02:25 +0100 (BST)
Message-ID: <XFMail.980806170225.nsydenham@dera.gov.uk>
To: www-html@w3.org
The current HTML RFC has the capability to name frames within a frameset for
the purpose of targeting URLs. There doesn't seem to be any mechanism for
naming an entire document or frameset.

For instance, I could bring up a document whose purpose was to act as a
navigation guide to a site. I want to click on a link, and the relevant page
appears in the main browser window. Now unless I create a frameset with one
frame (ie rows="100%,*") and name it, there is no way to target the URLs to the
main browser window.

In addition, if I have several documents open in several different windows, how
do I target those?

I propose the addition of a name attribute to either the html tag, or somewhere
within the head's meta data.

Nicholas Sydenham <nsydenham@dera.gov.uk>
DERA Malvern
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