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adv. of css, but why not html.

From: *Nicholas Owens* <knumb@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 13:23:41 PDT
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one of the big adv. of css is its ability to so-called cascade.  for 
instance, an entire site may have a basic.css file that covers basic 
stuff such as backgrounds that can be held readily avail. in the user's 
cache, and the particular dept may have it's own dept1.css file that 
would cascadeonto the basic.css file but provide other stuff such as 
font size and line size.  that's all well and good and i see alot fo the 
future of that.  why can't that be the case in pure html.  why can't we 
refer to a file that would specify basic backround stuff or text color, 
to remain in the user-agent's cache, and then have other local files to 
cascade onto said basic.html file?  i understand the many other obvious 
adv. that css presents and will phase out my life with html as soon as 
it becomes excepted more.

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