Re: Netscape's "Open Standards Guarantee"

Peter Flynn (
29 Sep 1997 14:28:06 +0100

Date: 29 Sep 1997 14:28:06 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
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Subject: Re: Netscape's "Open Standards Guarantee"

   I agree thoroughly with the sentiment expressed in
   Netscape's "Open Standards Guarantee" of June 11, 1997 [1].

It's just marketing. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

   I find it highly strange, however, that the HTML source
   of the document reveals <NOBR>, <LAYER> and some other
   non-standard uses of HTML.  Number of validation errors
   (assuming HTML 3.2) at Webtechs' Validation Service [2]: 55.

Nothing from Netscape has ever followed any DTD, so I don't find this
particularly strange at all. As their browser formats almost anything
you give it, I don't think they see a need to use a DTD.