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At 3:23p -0500 09/09/97, Jordan Reiter wrote:
 > At 5:31 AM -0500 1997-09-09, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
 > >
 > >There is, in fact, an onMouseOut event. There was a browser incompatibility
 > >problem when IE3 implemented JavaScript, as it's behavior differed from
 > >of Navigator. I had been using an onMouseOver for links to show help
 text in
 > >the status bar at the bottom of the window; Navigator automatically clears
 > >the status bar when you move the mouse off the link, but Explorer
 leaves the
 > >text in the status bar unless you put in explicit onMouseOut's to clear it.
 > >I had to update several of my pages to deal with this, er, "anomaly".
 > Funny--I had to use onMouseExit (I think; maybe it was MouseOut) to clear
 > the text when I used NS...on some platforms it just stuck there.  I know
 > you have to do that for image hiliting, a popular JS technique.

Umm, time for version number qualification, methinks. <G>

When Netscape first introduced JavaScript, there was an onMouseOver; however,
there was NO onMouseOut -- that attribute was introduced in JS 1.2, I think.
One could not use or require something that did not yet exist... ;-)

For proof, just look at the Navigator 2.0 JavaScript docs -- you will not find
any reference to onMouseOut, because it did not exist back then.

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