Re: "Umlaut" in Button and ALT

Jordan Reiter (
Fri, 5 Sep 1997 17:07:12 -0500

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Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 17:07:12 -0500
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From: Jordan Reiter <>
Subject: Re: "Umlaut" in Button and ALT

At 2:57 PM -0500 1997-05-09, Volker Kroll wrote:
>a customer told me, that he cannot see the right Umlaut in ALT behind
>images or on Buttons (on a Mac with IE 3.01b or so). I.e. <img src=3D"foo"
>ALT=3D"&Ouml;lberg"> shows up as scrambled Text. I tested it on LinuX with
>Lynx and Netscape 3.0 -> everythings OK. The same on Win 0.95.
>It's a big problem, because in Germany you have to use them, as "zurueck"
>for example. Do you know a workaround (another than to write ae for =E4), o=
>does the Mac Users have to wait for a new version??

After checking <img src=3D"foo" ALT=3D"&Ouml;lberg">...

=2E..on Netscape
It must be an IE3.0 problem, because it displays fine on a Mac using Netscap=

=2E..on IE3.0
It must be a hallucination problem, because it works fine on IE3.0 too.

=46ind out exactly what version your client is using.  If it isn't 3.01a or
above, that may be the problem.

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