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Peter Flynn (
04 Sep 1997 00:53:06 +0100

Date: 04 Sep 1997 00:53:06 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
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Subject: Re: number of characters

   I wonder if anyone out there knows if there is a maximum to the number
   of charcters you can have on one line when writing html code.

HTML (and SGML) have no such limit. But your editor may impose a limit
of its own, and browsers may not like long lines -- I've never tried.

   I seem to have a wierd error when I try to print with one of my sites.It
   seems to be caused by how many charaters I have on one line. (848 to be

I just changed all linebreaks in a 250Kb HTML file to spaces, and it's
loading into Netscape Gold3 just fine at the moment. What browser are
you using? Or was this an editor you're talking about when you say


BTW you try it: