Re: HTML Streaming

Jordan Reiter (
Tue, 02 Sep 1997 17:13:00 -0400

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Date: Tue, 02 Sep 1997 17:13:00 -0400
To: Peter Flynn <>,
From: Jordan Reiter <>
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Subject: Re: HTML Streaming

At 09:59 PM 8/31/97 +0100, Peter Flynn wrote:
>   When data is moving fast from one chunk of hardware to another, and
>   it doesn't have to wait until it's all in one place for the
>   destination device to do something with it, it's streaming. When
>   your hard disk's data is being written to a tape backup device,
>   it's streaming.  When you're watching a QuickTime movie on the
>   Internet, it's not, because it has to be fully downloaded before
>   you can play it.
It does?  Hmmm... apparently, they haven't heard that QuickTime movies
*can* be made streamable.  Streamable files have to be in a special,
particular format, and SGML languages just can't fit into that format.  So,
no streaming, period.