Re: Euro - re-statement

Carrasco Benitez Manuel (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:23:09 +0100

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From: Carrasco Benitez Manuel <>
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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 12:23:09 +0100
Subject: RE: Euro - re-statement

> I forgot to say so in my previous messgae: Your second proposal
> (defining new character sets) is MUCH more reasonable than the first
> one.
> [Carrasco Benitez Manuel]  
> I apologized for not been more precised in the original proposal.
> I wish, however, that you had targeted the currency symbol rather than
> the vertical bar for replacement; the idea that a currency symbol
> without
> specifying which currency it refers to had any value whatsoever is
> even less realistic than the idea of modifying ASCII to fit the Euro.
> [Carrasco Benitez Manuel]  
> I am open to other suggestions regarding the position.  It should not
> be the dollar to avoid misundertanding.  For example,
>   ESCII systems: <euro glyph>100.-
>   ASCII systems: |100.-    (at least not too misleading)
>   If the position was the same as the dollar it would be
>   ASCII system: $100.-     (very misleading)
> I wish you luck in what I consider to be a hopeless task :-)
> [Carrasco Benitez Manuel]  
> I agree that the task is not very popular and I hate my proposal as
> much as most people, but it has to be put on the table.
> I would rather prefer is all the system run from today in Unicode.
> But as much as we dislike it, 7 bits system will be here in ten years
> and not taking a decition on the euro is worst.
> Thanks
> Tomas