Re: Metadata naming conflicts

Peter Flynn (
02 Oct 1997 00:46:14 +0100

Date: 02 Oct 1997 00:46:14 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
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Subject: Re: Metadata naming conflicts

   Since authors are starting to use metadata within HTML (and other
   formats), there is the possibilty of conflict.

Can you rewrite your message so that it uses standard terminology.
I haven't understood what you are saying because you seem to use
the term "element" to mean 3 or 4 different things simultaneously.

In HTML, "element" is a region of your file which includes a start-tag
at the beginning, and possibly some text and an end-tag at the
end. Please don't use the word "element" to mean anything else here.

I also don't understand the phrase "HTML transport". HTML is a markup
language, not a transport layer in a network protocol. The protocol
most usually associated with HTML is HTTP.

At the moment this sounds like a repeat of our friend who wanted GOTO
in HTML...