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Have you ever wished you could be at the right place at
at the right time with the right opportunity? Then this 
will be the most exciting letter you will ever read.
Heres why.

Every day, millions of people turn on there television
sets,and now 50 years after the birth of television,
something extraordinary has just happened.

Digital Satellite Television...the shift of the 21st
century. Evertime new technology is created or shifted
an opportunity is also created for those people who
recognize the shift. Just look what happened when the
shift was made from vinyl records to cassettes to CD's.
The music didnt change but the technolgy did. How would
you have liked to have benifited from that?

 Two of the largest players in the
personal achievement and digital broadcast industry
have came together.This strategic alliance has created
an opportunity for you to profit on the largest and
most powerfull technology shift ever.

Did you know that digital TV is the fastest growing
consumer electronic product in history? The change is on
to digital satellite television. Its exactly what happened
with color TV's,VCR's and CD's. It took TV's 8 years to 
reach 1 million units in sales,4years for VCR's,3 years
forCD's, and only 10 months for digital satellites.

Presently over 4 million homes have decided to get the 
benifits of digital satellite technology.Current trends
and market experts agree that over the next eight years
it is estimated that over 61 million homes will make the 
jump to digital. That breaks down to an average of 
20,000 homes a day,833 a hour,14 a minute, and 1 every
4 seconds. In business timing is everthing and the time is
now to leverage the most important shift in the 21st
century. The future is simple, millions of people will
watch TV and the rest will profit from it.

So there is really only one question to ask yourself.
Do you want to be one of the people who profits from the
shift in television technology or one who just watches?

If you would like to learn how you can profit everytime
someone turns on their television, please go to our
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Sincerely Yours,

Larry G