IETF/ISO relationship [was: ALIGN=decimal - question. (fwd)]

Dan Connolly (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 11:18:32 -0600

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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 11:18:32 -0600
From: Dan Connolly <>
To: Paul Prescod <>
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Subject: IETF/ISO relationship [was: ALIGN=decimal - question. (fwd)]

Paul Prescod wrote:

> ISO is not the only standardization body. I read somewhere that the IETF was
> in some sense "recognized" by ISO, but that was in "media" and thus
> unreliable. I would be interested in clarifications by those in the know.

I don't know the exact nature of the relationship, but
it exists:

Tue Dec  3 09:50:00 1996

The IESG has a limited number of liaison relationships with other
organizations. The list of liaisons appears below:

        IAB             Allison Mankin
        SC2             Harald Alvestrand
        SC6             Allison Mankin
        SC18            John Klensin
        SC21            Harald Alvestrand
        SC29            Harald Alvestrand
        ATM Forum       Joel Halpern
        ITU             Scott Bradner

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