Re: Upgrading the news URL

Albert Lunde (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 18:25:29 CST

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Subject: Re: Upgrading the news URL
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 18:25:29 CST
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From: (Albert Lunde)

> I wanted to run this by you all, to see if it's feasible.  It would be
> easy and very effective.
> I was considering adding to the existing "news:" URL, such that it would
> allow links to a particular byte range within the body of a given post.
> It would be something like this:
> news:<message-id>@host/243-300

HTTP 1.1 provides for byte-ranges within an HTTP request, but not
within a URL. There are serious technical questions as to what
it means to link to a byte-range of a file, for MIME types other
than plain text. (An arbitrary byte-range section of,say, 
an HTML or PDF file is not a complete document, in general.)

I think there are servers like John Franks wn server than in effect
define special URLs that refer to byte ranges (for example
to reference one article in a mailbox) but they do this in a way
that treats the URL as an arbitrary token needing no special
processing by the client.

If you are doing server-specific hacks it might make more
sense to use the nntp: or http: schemes to serve up articles
since the news: scheme in effect assumes any news server is
as good as any other.

    Albert Lunde